On Saturday June 6th it was a glorious 80 degrees, the breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the fragrant smell of beautiful blooms filled the air. Our team arrived early and put every last detail into place but it was the arrival of Rachel and David and their love that brought the true magic. We were truly honored to host these sweethearts.  Meet the Prehoda's!


Mr $ Mrs Prehoda

"We experienced this [minimony] yesterday and it was so dreamy. David 's sister Carrie of Blooms For Rooms LLC and a group of most amazing wedding vendors gifted us a Sweet Petite Celebration.  

Sweet Petite is working so hard and with so much love and compassion for couples who have been impacted by the virus, and we got to [be] their first couple through the full experience.  

You see, we had to cancel our wedding twice due to COVID, and the stress of planning a shotgun backyard ceremony was not exactly how either of us envisioned our day from the start.  

While our backyard wedding was special in its own quaint and significant way, I am grateful beyond words to have been able to wear my dress, and feel the way a bride should feel!    

I had my hair done in a bridal suite while drinking rose, got to walk up to my amazing husband under a tree with breathtaking floral pieces, white banners, and a sparkling pond as the backdrop. We had a champagne toast and a french picnic in a meadow under the sun.

And then, the photoshoot of our dreams. 2 hours if wedding bliss without the crowd and endless hours of planning. Just the chance to truly feel like a bride and take home those special wedding elements like my amazing bouquet and photos we will have on display for a lifetime.

Grateful doesn't even begin. If your wedding has been impacted by COVID, check out this amazing group of professionals. They are second to none."

a word from the bride